Tuesday, 25 June 2013

In depth trailer analysis- titles evaluation

I created a word cloud which includes some of the common features to titles in trailers...

What I learnt from looking at titles is that several stand-alone or pre-modifying adjectives are used to attract an audience, add detail and make the product (being the film) appear more interesting.

Credits are important such as the director and actors, especially if they are well known as they can help to target the pre-sold audience being those directors and actors fans.

The production company's logo/ident almost always comes first in the titles. This is something that I must consider when making my film trailer.

If the film is based on something else such as a novel (much like Life of Pi) it is important that the piece on which it is based is credited. Again this works well if the product that the film is based on is award-winning or "highly acclaimed". This is seen in Life of Pi where the use of the adjective "acclaimed" used to describe the novel could capture an audience by suggesting to them that because the novel is good, so is the film.

Titles are often used to begin to tell the story, these however must not give to much away. Repetition is also good in film trailers as it adds emphasis to a key point of which you want the audience to notice. It can help an audience to remember something and therefore is effective as an advert (which is essentially what a trailer is).

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