Thursday, 23 January 2014

Storyboard research and planning

A storyboard is essential in the creation of a film trailer as it shows me what shots I need to get exactly. A detailed storyboard should not only have images of the shots I hope to achieve but a clear description of the type of shot, movement as well as duration, dialogue references, music reference, lighting, props required, location, time of day etc to make creating a filming schedule as easy as possible.

I will be creating a storyboard using the online comic making software Pixton and then create a written storyboard which I can reference to each image, this will detail other essential features of the film other than the picture on screen.

The storyboard for 'No country for old men' is a good example of a detailed storyboard, not only using images but describing shots which makes it easier for the 'cameraman' to follow. These descriptions could act as instructions for the person filming as they describe exactly what needs to be achieved. This storyboard can be seen below.

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