Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My storyboard

Below I have embedded all the sections of my storyboard, as you can see I have tried to use a range of shots. This is because in my research showed me that the best trailers use a variety of shots to keep the audience interested as it doesn't all look the same. Also important is that of camera movement, I will detail camera movement later on when I annotate my storyboard. There is a greater number of shots in my storyboard compared to say my opening title sequence last year, this is because a trailer can jump continuously to different parts of the story as its aim is to show that there is a lot of action occurring to make the film appealing. You may also notice that the beginning part of my trailer follows an almost linear narrative as it introduces the 'equilibrium', this, however is something that I have done purposely after seeing that a lot of trailers do this when conducting my broad research.

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