Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Genre research conclusions table

Although I evaluated the possibility of the production of each genre in the presentations I made I created this table as a simplified reference to conclude my genre research. It has helped me to minimise the possible genres I will be working with in the initial ideas stage. It has helped me cut out 6 of the 10 possible genres and I have decided that the genres I am most likely to be working with include Drama, Family films, Horror and Fantasy. Horror and Fantasy, however, are more questionable, but storylines can be created without use of mythical creatures, using just 'magical locations' for fantasy films and horror films can be successful without death scenes. I will be more cautious when creating ideas around these genres so that if I were to decide to produce them they would not be of a poor quality because of the genre choice and my scale of production being incapable of living up to the genre conventions- therefore producing a poor quality trailer.

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