Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Trailer remake: Location

I created this moodboard of the locations that I am likely to use in the production of my trailer remake. These include the bathroom, as the bath will be the ocean, garden (for the elephant scene), goldfish bowl- for underwater scenes, river/pond for tea-lights scene/boat disaster, dark room for nighttime scenes and the stables' sand school for the sand track scenes.

Obviously if I were creating this trailer to a high standard these locations would not be chosen, as they are far from realistic or ideal, this has shown me, however, how I can produce a small scale, independent trailer and has reinforced my learning from my genre research in that in order to produce amazing sets/effects such as those seen in fantasy films like a Life of Pi, sophisticated software and big budgets are often required.

I have also decided that if I am to use the bath for the ocean/at sea scenes I will use blue food colouring in the water to produce a more realistic blue water look to it. I will also use fairy lights as stars in the night scenes.

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