Friday, 25 April 2014

Evaluation question 1: Editing

I looked at some of the most significant editing techniques used throughout my trailer to understand whether my trailer conformed to or challenged the conventions of real media products.

I concluded that many of the editing techniques that I have used comply to the conventions of real media products. I chose to use many of these techniques as I identified them as common features in real trailers and chose to employ their use in my own media product.
During my extensive research process I identified that crossing over the audio from one shot to another creates a sound bridge helping the piece to flow better. I then used this technique as evidenced in the explanation in the image above.
I use a fade to black to help the transition to a new location. A fade to black is commonly used to show the passing of time and this is what I am trying to portray; again making my media product comply to the conventions of real media products.
I cross faded the titles over certain shots to link their meaning to the scene. This was a technique that I observed in my research process in trailers such as Belle and Little Birds. This, again, makes my trailer coventional. 

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