Sunday, 20 April 2014

Evaluation question 1 :Locations

Evaluation question one discusses conventions and whether my final media product conforms to or challenges them. Now that I have determined that my film poster and magazine cover both conform to conventions I am now trying to discover whether my actual trailer does, or not. In order for me to be able to find this out I will have to look at a range of features and microaspects of my trailer and compare them to the findings of my research. The first thing I am looking at is that of locations and whether they are conventional. Obviously there are no locations typical of a trailer itself but there are of the fantasy and drama genres. This is what I will look at to determine whether my locations are conventional. The picture below shows a few of the locations in my trailer.

1) The road and home
This location could immediately be recognised as conforming to conventions. During my research process I discovered that in the beginning of most trailer the beginning state of equilibrium is introduced. This can be seen where the protagonist Alice is walking home from school.

2) Woodland
A lot of the trailer has that of a woodland location and this again is typical of the fantasy genre. This could be due to the mysterious and somewhat spooky nature of the location.

3) The tunnel
The lighting in this shot is exceptionally magical looking and the fact that they are in a passage/on a journey makes it stereotypical of the fantasy genre.

4)Railway bridge
The stone bridge is somewhat picturesque and this is key in fantasy films where what you see is often old, beautiful or magical to look at.

Although filmed in a shed this location is meant to be a wooden hut in the woods. This looks like the scene out of a horror film but it could be said that fantasy and horror films can cross over quite a lot. It could be argued, however, that this location is more 'horror' and therefore my trailer could challenge conventions in terms of location- supported by the horror quality to the woodland location also. The hut in the woods could link to stories like Snow White , however and hence argued as conventionally fantasy.

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