Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Adding detail to my storyboard

As discussed in an earlier blog post, adding detail to my storyboard is an essential task that will make the production of my film a lot easier. I have decided that each image on my storyboard must detail...
  1. The actors required
  2. The location
  3. The costume
  4. The props required
  5. The sound/dialogue
  6. The type of shot and camera movement
All of these things will make it easier when producing a shooting schedule and organising costume/props. It will also tell me when filming exactly what I should be doing with the camera and in the editing process in terms of sound. By planning all of the shots/camera movement it has allowed me to evaluate if I have a variety of shots and enough camera movement, which is such a big part of my production as detailed in my brief that I created as a result of my research. Find below a few images of the annotations I created around my storyboard.

Although annotating a total of 96 images was very time-consuming it will save a lot of time when it comes to producing my trailer.

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