Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Before I start my casting process I have decided to look at the locations where I can film. I will need to refer back to my storyboard where I have stated the type of location that I require when I added detail to my storyboard (see earlier posts). There are multiple locations that I will require which may mean that I will need to spend longer than one day filming my final trailer so that I can get to all of my locations and get all of the shots I need. When deciding on locations I will need to think carefully about other users so that I do not disturb them, but also so that I can still get the shots I need without too much background noise, for example that may affect the mood of my film. Other activities that happen in these locations may also affect my final trailer as if say dog walkers appear in the background of our shots and they are not supposed to be there it could affect the audiences interpretations of the mood/shots.

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