Thursday, 27 February 2014

Finding Locations- Fields

Open fields are required to shoot a lot of my shots. Not only do these fields need to be large enough for all users to use them without disturbing each other/ruining my shots but we have the extra requirements such as horses being allowed in there as well as being close enough to where our horses are kept so that they do not get too tired getting there. We have selected Canada Heights as it is located in Swanley, Kent which is not too far (about 10 minute ride) away from Hextable which is where our horses are kept. This means that it will not make the horses too tired for filming on the way there. Horses are allowed into Canada Heights which means we can film there as we needed a location where horses are accepted, also all of our horses have visited there before which makes it easier for use to film- with horses stereotypically being nervous in new places and situations. One problem that we do have is that there is usually motorbike events taking place on Sundays, a Sunday would be a potential day for filming as our actors are likely to only be available on weekends. We would be allowed access to certain parts of the 17.5 acre site, however I wish not to do so as the sounds of the motorbikes might affect our shots, not to mention the horses who may become spooked by them. We also would like to film on a day when we have access to all of the fields so we can find the perfect places for our shots. This is something we must consider when producing our shooting schedule, we can easily look online at the Canada Heights website to find out when the events are on so that we can decide when it is

suitable to film.

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