Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Finding locations- Woodland

For my trailer it is important that I find some woodland where I can film. Ideally it shall be a large woods so I can find my own little spot to be filmed without other users ruining my chances of getting the shots that I need. I will also need to find a location that is local or not too far away as I will not only myself need to get there, but expect my actors to be able to get there too.

I think that I have found the perfect location, Sydenham Hill Woods which runs between Sydenham Hill and Dulwich is very close to where I live and is 9 hectares- meaning there is plenty of space for filming and other users. When visiting the area I found lots of different places some more shaded by trees than other so it will be interesting what type of lighting I can get for my trailer and I could perhaps experiment with what looks better. I created this presentation of a few images of our chosen location, as you can see there is an old railway bridge, a pond and of course lots and lots of trees which are essential for our shots.

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