Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Collecting props

I have decided to use a range of costumes from a large collection that I have. Luckily I have many costumes appropriate for our trailer due to the many shows and productions that I have been in. These include dresses for the princesses, Fairy, Goldilocks and Gretel.
Hansel will supply his own jeans and shirt whilst Amelie has her own school uniform and rucksack for the role of Alice.
We have got a dark coloured shawl for the wicked witch as well as a grey one for the ‘Cinderella’ themed shot where Alice looks like a workhouse child.
Chloe will wear normal, everyday attire for her scenes, it doesn’t matter too much.

Props such as dolls and teddy bears are available from Amelie. We have a selection of ribbons and jewellery for the shots as well as glitter.

Find below a short presentation of a few of the costumes that I have found for our trailer.

Costumes by Slidely Slideshow

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