Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My film poster: Possible images

I decided that I would use a still from one of the shots from my trailer for my film poster. I selected a few shots that could make a good film poster and will have to make a decision as to which one is the best. The shots up for selection are all shown below. Some film's have a variety of film posters/ a selection of them such as the Les Miserables film where they had a different poster for each character. I would like to do this, however, coursework requirements state that I have to submit one poster for marking. This means I will have to pick. I have therefore decided to examine what I like and perhaps do not like in each of the images below.

Image 1 (Alice Foreground, Fairy Background)
I like that it has the main character as well as a fairy to establish the genre. The main character being in the foreground of the shot shows her importance whilst the fact that she is looking at the fairy again shows that she has some significance also.

Image 2 (Alice kneeling)
It is a good shot from the film and has good lightning for the mood it was trying to set, however, the dark lightning (although successful in achieving its purpose in that particular shot) gives the impression that the film is a horror. I have therefore decided that this image will not be used for my film poster.

Image 3 (Tunnel)
This is quite possibly my favourite shot from the whole trailer, the lighting is different and very interesting and the image itself is very engaging. Whilst this images lighting suggests that there is a journey taking place (a key theme in our narrative) it does not give enough away about the genre. It is not typically 'fantasy'. I have therefore decided that this image will not be used on my film poster.

Image 4 (Alice in Woods)
This image again is good as it is of Alice- the film's protagonist. It does, however, appear quite dark and is not stereotypical of the 'fantasy' genre.

Image 5 (Alice Purple and Gold Ribbons)
Again I like this image due to the fact that it is of Alice- the main character and my research showed me that many film posters use an image of the protagonist. The head jewellery and ribbons indicate the genre of fantasy whilst the wooded background supports this. I do, however think that the image of Alice's face is a little too close up.

Image 6 (Charli in Black Shawl)
I like this image as it is clear and the lighting is good. It is the only image I have where the character is looking straight into camera- this is a type of image that was popular in the other film posters that I analysed (such as Another Earth). What it isn't, however, is of the main character, this make it less ideal for the main image for my film poster.

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