Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Finalising genre choices and new ideas

Earlier in the year I created this table to finalise my genre research. It reduces the genres that I am likely to produce my initial ideas around. I made the decisions based on whether I would be able to produce a good quality trailer of that genre after looking what is expected of the genre and if I would be capable of creating such shots/special effects. The genres I finalised are horror, fantasy, drama and fantasy films. I have since decided that a horror film's are usually too stereotypical and predictable. Many horror scenes are often overused and I have therefore decided that due to wanting to make something more individual and unique I wish to remove horror from my selected genres. I have also considered some new themes/genres such as film's set in the recent past or to do with time travel, these films are often engaging as they keep the audience thinking due to the films often jumping between times.  They also, however come with limitations due to costume and mise en scene. This however could be overcome with good planning and prop/costume collection. I also thought of a silent movie, films with toys as the characters and mystery films. My next step will be to start creating a mind-map of ideas and words I associate with genres of which I may be able to draw some initial ideas from.

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