Monday, 23 September 2013

Initial ideas- Separated

My first idea 'Seperated' is a film about two twins who are separated at birth and lead identical lives unaware of each others existence. I will use a short checklist to see if it fits the 'brief' that I constructed earlier...

A struggle with a happy ending
There is no struggle, it is merely two twins who meet up after years of separation. Once the idea has been developed a little more, there could be a struggle such as accepting the fact that they had a twin all along, this, however, may not be particularly gripping. 

Characters that are easy to relate to
The characters would be in their late 20s-30s, and live in family settings making all characters involved easy to relate to.

Unexpected twists and turns
I can think of this if I develop the idea into a full storyline.

A drama with an aspect of fantasy
This is clearly a drama with the 'separated at birth' aspect to it, and the telepathy makes it somewhat fantasy too.

A film about friendship, hopes and dreams
This film is almost more about family rather than friends and has no key theme of hope.

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