Thursday, 12 September 2013

What have I learnt about the target audience of dramas?

This video below examines what I have learnt about the target audience of dramas...

This has helped me realise that the plot must be directed towards an older audience as it is likely to be an older teenage to adult audience who are my target market.

This however does not mean that all characters are of that age as it is unlikely for a person of that age not to be associated with anyone else from different age groups.

 15  or even 18 and over is still a huge age range for a target audience so there is probably not one common item of which will be interesting enough to base a film around, or a single age of a character that I can easily distinguish. However, what I can do is look at what my audience like about a drama film and possibly mind map some common 'problems' which are key to any storyline and common to those 18+ which will further aid my construction of my initial ideas.

What I also thought of is although a drama is rated 15 and over simply means it is suitable for that age group, and not directed at them. Many dramas are directed at working age adults. This has helped me to draw in a somewhat smaller target market.

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