Thursday, 12 September 2013


I also thought that looking at the general structure/layout of a trailer of the drama genre would help me in the construction of my own. It has almost helped me to create a brief for the ideal structure of my trailer and what needs to go where. Obviously I am using this simply as guidance and my final trailer may not follow this pattern exactly.  I created this timeline below to look at the key features...

What have I learnt from looking at this trailer about structure?
- The film's rating usually appears first followed by an establishing shot with some camera movement, this is common to many trailers that I have analysed, and must therefore be something I seriously consider when creating my own.
- A shot that introduces the start of the journey may be required in my own trailer as dramas are often based around a journey that a character embarks on.
- Also introduce the 'normal' setting for that characters life (such as the family home in this trailer) this forms  a comparison for the abnormal shown such as a change in the characters life which is the issue to which they must adapt or attempt to overcome.
- Introduce the 'problem' possibly through dialogue, reinforce the fact that this is an issue through editing/mise en scene/sound. So music intensifying, lower-key lighting and maybe slow motion to suggest its significance.
- Dialogue to describe the problem further, now maybe the introduction of titles. I like how in this trailer the production company is introduced later on, not only does this make it different but it indicates the change in the mood of the trailer, from the protagonists everyday life to the action/events that are now occurring.
- Action shots which record some (but not all) of the major incidents in the film. Enough to intrigue the audience but too much as to give away the plot.
-Titles describe action shots.
-Shorter takes of several action shots.
- Dialogue that makes the audience want to know what the character is talking about.
- Film's title.

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