Monday, 9 September 2013

Genre moodboard

Although I have an idea of which genres I was likely to be working with I have few ideas for a storyline for a film on which my trailer would be based. This lead me to creating a mind map to write down all my thoughts and associations with the genres to see if I could construct any ideas around them. This can be seen below...

This has given me some influences as to what I may like to include in a film of each genre I explored. It has helped me to decide that scenes from drama are often good at capturing an audience as they portray realistic characters in situations characters can relate to so I will most likely have aspects of drama in my initial ideas for my trailers. I think that I'd like to create a drama possibly with an aspect of mystery or even fantasy. Possibly even with toys as characters but with a main focus on human characters facing a difficulty which is often a key focus of drama films. A fantasy drama is something different which may or may not work and I like the idea of trying something different. My next step will be to construct several initial ideas so that I can decide on which I'd most like to create.

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