Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Influences- drama trailer

I looked at a second trailer for some influence when creating my own. I created this timeline and picked out particular shots/aspects of the trailer that I liked. This has helped me gather some ideas for my own. This trailer was produced by A2 Media Studies students, I looked at this trailer in particular to see what kind of a product I am expected to produce in order to achieve a good grade. This trailer received an A grade; being able to see what an A grade in A2 Media Studies actually looks like has proved to me that the expectations are high, so I have learnt a lot from looking at this trailer.

Aspects of this trailer I may consider using in my own
- Using imaginative shots for scenes that may typically be recorded using another type of shot. Such as an extreme close up of someone's mouth when they're talking rather than a close up.
- Think carefully about titles, don't just go for standard and boring, try and be as creative as possible.
- More attention must be paid to editing, don't just go with putting all the shots together and running smoothly and be done with it, try and use creative editing techniques such as the action on  the eye shot uses in the trailer for The Comedown. A split screen is also something not seen all the time.
- Slow motion can add tension and drama.

What have I learnt from looking at this trailer?
- Not to be simplistic, try and be adventurous with editing, shots and the titles used.
- Use a huge range and number of shots.
- If a trailer is to use a soundtrack with lyrics they must not overpower what is being said on screen or take the focus away from that.
- Lighting is an important aspect to consider and must be altered if it does not work well with the mood of that particular scene, small micro aspects of the trailer like this when put right can have an overall big impact on the trailer itself.

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